New Feature Coming to Instagram

Written By Eleman

Social media giant Instagram has announced a feature that will allow verified accounts to choose from whom to receive calls.

Social media giant Instagram has started testing the feature for almost everyone for a long time. Instagram will now restrict its users from searching. However, this functionality will not be available for all users. So, what are the details of the innovation? Let’s take a look at the news together.

Instagram will now let its users choose who they can receive calls from!

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Many phenomena have been waiting for Instagram to bring this feature for a long time. Instagram has announced the feature that users will now have the opportunity to choose.

Since the communication feature came, Instagram users can receive calls from any account within the platform, whether they have followers or not. This creates a big problem especially for accounts with high followers and women. Social media giant Instagram has now taken action to solve this problem. Instagram will allow verified account users to choose who they can call themselves.

In its research last month, the Digital Anti-Hate Center examined five high-profile women’s accounts. As a result of the research, it was revealed that one out of every 15 messages sent to women was abusive. For voice messages, he explained that one out of every 7 messages is abusive.

The Center for Combating Digital Hate expressed that the system should improve based on the research results. In addition, he stated that the channels where women are harassed should be closed, referring to the ability of everyone to make calls.

The social media giant came to the fore with the news that it changed its logo in the past few days. The platform, which keeps the model of its old logo the same but makes it more vivid and bright, became the agenda on social media.

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