New features released for iPhone iOS 14.6 RC

Apple, which offers many new features to users by publishing the iOS 14.5 update on April 26, has already rolled up its sleeves for iOS 14.6. The RC version, which is a candidate for the final version, has been made available to developers.

To test this version, you need to have the iOS Beta profile installed on your device or have an Apple developer account. However, we do not recommend that you install it because there is a high probability of problems with the test versions.

iOS 14.6 RC Version Arrived! What are the changes?

New features released for iPhone iOS 14.6 RC

iOS 14.6 RC version released faster than expected. Seeing the RC version only after 3 beta releases indicates that the update is ready. This series, which is the last version before the last version, already includes all the features that the finale will have.

As a matter of fact, we learned what innovations we will see in the iOS 14.6 update with this version. If you ask if there are any changes, there are no such surprising changes but yes, there are some. Let’s take a look at the details of the new version.

We will provide the main changes to be made after the new update below. Let’s make item by item so that it is a little more understandable.

Apple Music: Apple Music recently received some new audio support. In fact, it was said that these regulations will be put into use with the next update in June. But in iOS 14.6 RC version, we see that the new voice features offered by Apple will be available. So getting iOS 14.6 will be enough.

Apple Card: Family use for Apple Card will come into play. Now, spouses will be able to share the same Apple Card account. In addition, 5 children of the family can be included in the account, provided that they are over the age of 13, and children’s expenditures can be controlled directly from here. How much usage is there, all the information will be shown here.

Podcast Application: There will be an interface change for the podcast application. In addition, the Podcast subscription system will now have received the expected improvements.

AirTag: There is also an update for AirTag devices, one of the new products. With this update, you will now be able to add e-mail to the lost mode. There will be no part like just entering a phone number. E-mail can be used.

Changes coming with iOS 14.6 RC for now. These will be changes that will also be in the final release for everyone. What we’re really curious about is the part where the performance problem is solved.

It turned out that the old update caused performance issues on some devices. We expect this release to fix this problem. We also expect a better solution for the battery.