New Version of Cardano Node Alonzoblue 2.0 Released


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The Cardano team has released a brand new version of the AlonzoBlue 2.0 node to the testnet, marking another milestone completed for the launch of the Alonzo platform.

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Research and development company InputOutputHK, which played a leading role in the development of the Cardano blockchain platform, reported that they have released a brand new version of the AlonzoBlue 2.0 node on its testnet. The update includes a major update of the Command Line Interface (CLI) and provides the basis for rolling out all other variants of smart contract implementations. But it still remains the “early code” of the “important building block”.

The updated network allows users to connect smart transaction metadata on-chain and store executable contract data. This will open the era of smart contracts within the Cardano network for the first Stakepool operators (SPO) and those who will start to submit and test simple smart transactions to the distribution ledger using the Alonzo node.

AlonzoBlue’s SPOs take a day to update their nodes before running their first test scripts.

Milestone for the Smart Contracts Era

The latest update marks another milestone to complete the Alonzo platform launch. The full release of Alonzo is expected to simplify the development of new decentralized applications (dApps), including decentralized finance protocols (DeFi).

The developers also hope to avoid the previous problems faced by the Ethereum blockchain network. In particular, as the sharp growth in wages. However, the full implementation of the project will take several more months.