NFT Says It Will Refund Minting Fee, Thousands Gather

Written By Eleman

On Twitter, a user named artchick.eth suggested that it would be a very effective advertising and dissemination campaign, suggesting the idea of ​​refunding the minting fees of the project owners for the 10,000-piece NFT collection projects.

After sharing by artchick.eth, Sibel (sibeleth), co-founder of Fluffy Polar Bears NFT collection (59 ETH Volume), took a step to bring this idea to life on her Twitter account. In his tweet, he said that he is developing a new project and that the project will consist of 5,000 NFTs. He stated that he will refund the minting (NFT creation) fees of the users who will participate in the project.

NFT Says It Will Refund Minting Fee Thousands Gather 1

it was a joke but it had to come true

“New project, 5,000 NFTs, free mint, mint tomorrow. After minting, you will receive a refund of 0.01 ETH. The first 5,000 comments will be put on the checklist.”

After the high interaction following the sharing, he explained that “it was a joke but it had to become a reality” and stated that by creating a Discord server, the first 5,000 users would be included. Thousands of people attended the server in a short time.

sibel nft discord

Sibel, who received a reaction from people because she would spend $100,000 with this campaign, said that she did not agree with the negative comments in her post and that no 50 ETH could make her this happy.

In addition, the Twitter account of the mentioned NFT collection has already reached 40,000 followers, and the Discord channel has reached 70,000 people.

NFT Says It Will Refund Minting Fee Thousands Gather 2

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