Wednesday, January 26

One of the largest owners of bitcoin, who reportedly held as much as $1 billion, is dead at 41


One of the largest owners of bitcoin, who reportedly held as much as $1 billion, is dead at 41


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  • themusicguy2000

    A polish guy named Mircea Popescu? That’s like a French guy named Vladimir Ivanovich

    Edit: Some of y’all are missing the point, I know it’s a very Romanian name, that’s the entire point of my comment

  • BadAssPleb

    I’m also gonna spend a year dead purely for tax reasons.


  • gt95ab

    Apparently his US pseudonym was John Smith, and his Indian pseudonym was Mohamed Ram Patel… In Australia, he’s just called ‘Bogan’, and for some reason, in Scotland they just refer to him as ‘C#nt’, or Dougald McDougald, if they are being formal…

  • Aggravating-Ad-2458

    At 1 billion dollars he wasn’t swimming in the pool on his yacht? He was swimming in the ocean? Very sus

  • MDMA_Throw_Away

    I used to chat with this guy all the time on IRC. I’m pretty sure he’s Romanian. He was a complete jerk but often correct. Always plugging his platform but so was everyone else back in those days. He loved to call every new product and mining operation a scam, which was unfortunately more correct than not. We were playing with insane amounts of money on the crypto graymarkets and didn’t even know it. So many IPOs, pump and dumps, promises of new miner or mining ops to invest in.

    I remember talking with him when BTC crossed $1k asking him if he cashed anything, his response was, “I think any of us who are even a little bit sane cashed some out.”

    Ahhh… nothing like losing a small fortune. Good times.

    RIP MP, you beautiful asshole.

  • WestCoastDior

    It’s gonna be crazy to see what one of his main address’ is worth in the years to come. It still completely astonishes me that there’s BTC out there in deceased addresses that can just never be accessed again.

  • Specific-Problem-69

    Imagine hodling a billion dollars and never spending it because it would be more valuable.

    Remember to take out some gains and enjoy life people.

  • Ceeceefrom1992

    Imagine him putting in his will; “not your keys, not your coin”.
    Too soon?
    May the Good man Rest In Peace.

  • yesbutlikeno

    Goes to show there is no point in amassing that much wealth and not spending it. Why have money just to die hahahaha

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