Online Dogecoin Store!

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Hello fellow Dogers. Our goal is to bring you all the ability to spend $DOGE on actual physical products. We ultimately aim to bring mass adoption of crypto, namely Dogecoin, into retail.

We sell a wide range of products currently, such as GPUs, custom shirts/hoodies, accessories and more, and we aim to expand in the very near future. As of present, we are pleased to announce that we have a community-driven workforce of 4 people and will hopefully continue to expand as we gain loyal customers.

If you would like to visit the store, [click here]).

From all of us as Dogecoin.Shop, thank you for your time and remember to Do Only Good Everyday!


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  1. Just bought my very first item from your store with Doge! And it’s a mug! So excited to receive it. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to use this amazing coin!

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