Oppo officially announced that it is developing its own processors

Oppo, known to have been working on its own processor for a while, formalized the issue with a note shared within the company. An inside note shared with company employees reveals a project called the ‘Mariana Plan‘. Oppo’s processors will be developed as part of this project.

Oppo Phones will use their own processors

The new information emerging shows that the company is sharing an inside note. This internal note mentions a project called the “Mariana Plan“. This project formally confirms that the company will produce its own processor. The company even transferred Chan Yen, who held an important position in Qualcomm for a while, in order to produce its own processors. Yen will be responsible for Oppo’s chip manufacturing unit.

According to technology news, a different claim on the subject is that Realme and OnePlus are involved in this project. Oppo’s sister companies reportedly sent their technicians to Oppo and enabled them to take an active role in the work to be done to produce the processors.

Oppo CEO Chen Yongming, in a statement he made as part of the “Future Technology Conference” held last year, announced that they have invested 50 billion yuan (about $ 7 billion) to produce their own chips.

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The only companies producing their own processors in the smartphone industry are Samsung, Huawei and Apple. Xiaomi has worked on a new processor some time ago, but unfortunately the experimental tests of this processor have failed. If Oppo manages to produce its own processor, this could lead to a new competition for the smartphone industry.

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