Paradox Interactive discounts started on Steam


Paradox Interactiveis a company that stands out with the strategy games it develops and distributes. The owner of popular strategy games that have been on the market for a long time ParadoxOffers an unmissable opportunity for those who love strategy games with the discounts it launches on Steam.

The game of 419 TL was free at Epic Games

Paradox Interactive games on Steam with discounts of up to 80 percent

For a long time strategy games prominent with Paradox, with its games, draws strategy lovers into an adventure from the middle ages to the space age. There are so many games that stand out in sales. Among the games it offers, you can develop your own cities, fight your armies or conquer the galaxy.

paradox indirimleri

Paradox Interactive is hugely popular for real-time strategies. Hearts of Iron IV, Europa Universalis IV ve Crusader Kings IIIthe company’s most popular games.

Discounted Paradox Interactive games:

  • Crusader Kings III: 113 TL101,70 TL
  • Stellaris: 59 TL14,75 TL
  • Cities: Skylines: 49 TL9,80 TL
  • Hearts of Iron IV: 59 TL14,75 TL
  • Europa Universalis IV: 59 TL11,80 TL
  • Empire of Sin: 61 TL30,50 TL
  • Prison Architect: 50 TL12,50 TL
  • Surviving Mars: 50 TL12,50 TL
  • Imperator: Rome: 61 TL15,25 TL

Along with the games all DLC packages are also on sale. Also some games 3 day throughout can be played for free. Paradox Interactive discounts 24 Mayends in.

Paradox Interactive discount page you can find it here.


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