PayPal Bitcoin (BTC) Volume Exceeds $ 300 Million


PayPal’s Bitcoin volume has reached a new high of over $300 million, according to data from itBit. Volumes surpassed the previous peak of $240 million in January. However, daily volumes increased to $80 million.

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The increase occurred last week as Bitcoin briefly reached $30,000. This shows that investors are buying Bitcoin from the bottom. These significant volumes could push competitors to offer a similar service, potentially including Apple Pay.

In the job posting for a senior role in the alternative payments division, Apple says “digital wallets, BNPL, fast payments, cryptocurrency, etc. He announced that he was looking for someone with more than 5 years of experience in or with alternative payment providers such as This could allow around 400 million users to buy or sell Bitcoin and potentially pay with it. This announcement sparked speculation that Apple wanted to enter the crypto market.

Apple hasn’t made any statements regarding cryptocurrencies in the decade since the invention of Bitcoin, it’s unclear whether the Silicon Valley giant plans to change that.