PayPal brings cryptocurrency transactions to the UK as well

Written By Eleman

Cryptocurrency transactions can now be made in the UK after the USA.

The company said in a statement that UK-based users can buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash through their PayPal accounts. Additionally, the PayPal app will allow users to view real-time cryptocurrency prices and access information about the opportunities and risks associated with purchasing such currencies.

Cryptocurrency trading was made available to all users of the app in the US in November 2020. Since then, users have been able to pay with crypto. The company announced that users will be able to purchase a £1 cryptocurrency. Moreover, there are no fee requirements to keep the currency in their account.

paypal bitcoin

Users are only responsible for paying transaction and currency conversion fees. There is no limit information on how much crypto money you can buy in crypto money transactions starting in the UK. However, with the arrival of PayPal in the UK, the crypto money market has revived considerably.

Bitcoin suddenly rose to $ 50,000 in one day. Likewise, the Ethereum market has revived. It is pleasing for investors that crypto money has more and more space to be used day by day. However, with these sudden rises, it is getting more and more difficult for beginners to enter the crypto currency community.

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