Thursday, January 6

Phoenix Protocol is taking flight. Reaching $10M market cap in less than 12 hours! Huge giveaways with BTC price targets.


After a chaotic and bloody weekend for crypto, a new contender has emerged, unscathed and unperturbed.

$PHX has launched at the perfect moment to help eat up this dip and soar to new highs in a blazing glory. Reaching a scorching $10M market cap within 10 hours of launch, $PHX is positioning itself to begin a massive uptrend as that green candle stairway to heaven unfolds.

In anticipation of Bitcoin’s recovery, the Phoenix is offering burning hot giveaways unlocked at each threshold that BTC breaks back through. Every $5k increase in Bitcoin’s price will trigger a giveaway for lucky holders of $PHX, so make sure you have your stack ready for the ascension back to a $60k BTC.

This process begins at $35k which BTC smashed through this morning on its way back to $40k. To celebrate the occasion, $10k worth of tokens are flying out to those who retweet the giveaway and tag a friend, to help make this turbulent time a lot more cosy.

Insane promotions and giveaways like these will spread the word about this token which is not yet even a day old, and send it huge price levels. Things are heating up fast.

Phoenix is less than 24 hours old, and is a screaming buy right now. What are you waiting for? There are mobile phones, vehicles, and cold hard cash to be won on top of generational wealth. Don’t waste a single moment, the ascension has already begun.






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  • SupGirlYouAiite

    Did it really reach a $10mil market cap in like 7 hours? Jesus this is gonna move fast.

  • sibrahimi

    Are giveaways going to be frequent? They are starting off with a $10k one right out the gate.

  • sorrises6t

    The BTC recovery roadmap is a cool concept. I like it honestly and the website design (especially that phoenix down by the roadmap) is sick. There have been a number of Phoenix coins over the years because the theme is so cool, but I think this one is the real deal. I’m all in with my bnb stack.

  • Maximum_Finish_236

    Awesome! This project and my investment in $HODL token are going to absolutely crush it!

  • tpad01

    Finding the earlier thread and the project early paid off. Insane rally in just a few hours. Even hitting a 10 million marketcap after not even one full day is mindblowing.

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