Popular Analyst Announced: These 4 Cryptocurrencies Are Expected To Increase In March

Ben Armstrong listed 4 cryptos that will rise in March. In March, a rise is expected in the 4 crypto money, along with the theories of many analysts, which investors expect.

In January and February, most cryptocurrencies saw large noticeable increases, so almost every cryptocurrency investor made gains. However, there has been a downward trend in the market for the last two weeks, and then the consolidation process has started. Therefore, investors started looking for crypto currencies that have the potential to increase.

What will BTC be in March?

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Popular analyst and crypto influencer Ben Armstrong shared with his followers four cryptocurrencies that could perform well in March in his latest statements. According to Armstrong’s statements, the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) has the biggest price potential.

Armstrong said that there is a good buying opportunity for BTC right now and should be seized before the price hits $ 60,000.

“Let’s face the facts: Bitcoin is performing much better at this point than we thought we could all do. There was a surge and a big move of almost $ 60,000 before there was a major correction at the end of February. using his words.

Watch Out For These 3 Coins!

Popular Analyst Announced These 4 Cryptocurrencies Are Expected To Increase In March 1

Armstrong said in his statements that he expects a rise in the decentralized finance project Terra (LUNA), which he says functions as programmable money for the internet. He explained that the project is a digital payment platform pegged to different currencies, thus allowing users to spend their crypto seamlessly.

On the other hand, Armstrong also has a positive outlook for the DeFi project Nord Finance (NORD). He called the cryptocurrency the “low-value gem of the month” and stated that with a market cap of less than $ 10 million, the asset was on the forefront.

The popular investor recently completed its top four selections with Alpha Finance (ALPHA). Armstrong said the project would likely hit the top 100 by the end of March, and stated that the coin was on the brink of another rally.

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