Porsche announced that they will recall electric Taycan models

Porsche is considering recalling the Taycan, the first fully electric car model, due to the power loss problem experienced on the move.

Porsche had to recall 43,000 Taycans due to a software issue. According to the information obtained, this error, which causes the engine to stop suddenly, cannot be resolved with a software update to be sent remotely.

Germany-based sports car manufacturer Porsche is known for the high-performance vehicles it produces. The company has been making a name for itself for a while with its electric Taycan model. Taycan, showing the performance that an electric vehicle can offer, magnificently; It also appeared in different versions such as Turbo, Turbo S and 4S.

The critically acclaimed electric Porsche model seems to be grappling with a new problem lately. Porsche is recalling 43,000 Taycans that are likely to experience engine problems due to software-related issues. Here are the details:

It causes the engine to shut down due to a software problem

Porsche announced that they will recall electric Taycan models 1

Porsche has recalled all Taycan models produced and delivered until June. Klaus Rechberger, who works as a manager in the company, explained to the press that the problem was seen in approximately 130 vehicles and did not cause any accidents.

It is stated that this problem is caused by a flaw in the software. According to the information, this defect causes the engine, which takes its power from the battery, to turn itself off. Of course, it is not difficult to think that this will cause problems in daily life. In addition, Porsche stated that the flaw in the software cannot be fixed via an update that will be shared remotely. This means that people who own the Taycan model will have to spend about 1 hour at the repair centers located nearby.

What do you think about Porsche’s Taycan models? Do you think that electric vehicles will soon replace vehicles that run on fuels such as gasoline? You can share your opinions about Taycan and electric cars in general in the comments section.


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