Productivity Battles Labour Shortage

An interesting article crossed my desk a couple of weeks ago… according to Eric Beauchesne of CanWest News Service, workers are only as good as their tools, it would seem. The article entitled, Productivity Up Due to Better Equipment, goes on to discuss how a Statistics Canada study found the improvement in labour productivity over the past 45 years has been due to improvements in machinery and equipment, not from improvements in workers’ education or skills.

So Give Me The Hard Cold Facts

Here is exactly what Stats Canada revealed:

o 2.1 % average annual increase in labour productivity

o 55 % was due to improvements in machinery and equipment

o 20 % from improvements in labour

What Does This Mean?

Well look around you… Help Wanted signs are EVERYWHERE!

Even the government of Alberta is forecasting that the province will need 400,000 new workers by 2015. But it’s not just in my province that this is happening. There are labour shortages being reported in booming economies all over North America.

So if you can’t get more workers what are you supposed to do?

You need figure out how to make your workforce more productive… using technology.

It’s just that simple!

Houston We Have A Problem!

When analyzing your workforce you need to decide what innovations would truly make a difference to your workers productivity.

Let’s think about the loss in productivity you might be experiencing due to your field data capture process…You’ve probably experienced some of the common field data capture problems like:

o You’re behind on closing your books every month because you’re waiting for operators to catch up with their data entry

o Your company has tried having your operators fax in their log sheets to a group of data entry assistants but the operators’ handwriting was so poor that the entries were inaccurate

o Hours of overtime spent correcting errors in the database

o Delays in identifying problems with equipment because your operator was rushing through his readings knowing he would have to spend another hour and a half that night missing the hockey game doing data entry

o Log sheets lost in the mud and the rain

This process could be so much more productive with a handheld data capture solution….

Or three?

“That’s one small step for HotButton, one HotLeap for Productivity.”

When we customize solutions for our customers it’s actually easier than you might think. We build all our handheld field data capture solutions on the same framework, our core product, ArrowSync. So combining several handheld solutions ends up being an easy step for us to implement but the effect on productivity is astounding. The result is our newest product, HotLeap: The Essential Solutions of ArrowSync.

So what’s “essential” to ArrowSync?

Any field data that YOU want to capture on a handheld is an ‘essential’! This allows you to customize the solution that will optimize your workforce’s activities and productivity.

Optimizing Your Productivity Saves TIME and Makes MONEY

On average our users experience cost savings of $550 CDN per well per year- with just ONE ArrowSync solution! For example, an oil company operating 50 wells will receive their handheld purchase payback in 2.5 months and a net savings of $2,042 per month (based on the purchase of a $5000 Intrinsically Safe handheld and a monthly fee of $5 per well)… and that’s just on 50 wells, with one handheld data capture solution.

Imagine the possibilities!

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