Proposal to Establish a Research Commission for Crypto Money Exchanges From CHP Deputy


chp nihat yesik kripto para borsalari

CHP Ankara Deputy Nihat Yeşil presented the proposal to the Turkish Grand National Assembly to establish a research commission that will also examine the cryptocurrency exchanges in order to eliminate the grievances arising from the lack of rules.

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Deputy Yeşil, stating that the interest in crypto money exchanges is growing and that uncontrolled exchanges also create grievances, he submitted a research proposal to the Presidency of the Turkish Grand National Assembly with 31 deputies. Yeşil’s press release on the subject made the following statements:

“There is no doubt that crypto money exchanges are not subject to supervision within the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, and the transactions in these exchanges are not based on certain rules and procedures as in the usual stock exchange transactions. Therefore, it is reflected in the public that many victimization has occurred recently.