Prosecution statements of Thodex suspects revealed


Perpetrator CEO of fraud incident called Thodex hover Faruk Fatih Ozer not caught yet. The investigation statements of accounting employee Rana Azap and software developer Oral Çınar, who were taken into custody about the incident, were revealed.

Both names denied the accusations

According to the DHA report, recently arrested and released with the condition of judicial control Rana Azap and Oral CinarThe prosecution denied the accusations in their statements.

thodex suphelilerinin savcilik ifadeleri ortaya cikti 1

9 ay Stating that he worked at Thodex, Oral Çınar said, “I made improvements for the data transfer system at the company. I also worked for web-based games. I have not been in the cryptocurrency development process. The names of the authorized persons were Ergün and Cem. I do not even have a membership on the Thodex stock exchange. I am also a victim of the fact that I cannot get my salary from the company. ” used the expressions.

Flash development from Thodex: Two critical names have been caught!

Stating that he did not have any information about the process, Rana Azap said, “I went to the prosecutor’s office after seeing the news about me because I was in quarantine. I have nothing to do with the crimes charged to me. That appear in my account transactions 50.000 TL the transaction belongs to my fiancee. He said he wanted to buy Dogecoin and transferred money to my account. I notified the management because I could not withdraw my money from the system, they said that there was a problem in the system and it would be corrected. ” said.

Through Faruk Fatih Özer’s company group that you said everything will be alright Azap stated that he learned from the press that he went abroad. Total in the accountant department 5 people Stating that they have been made, Azap said that the personnel prepared the meal card transactions and retirement transactions and delivered them to the financial advisor.


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