Prototype Showing How the iPhone 13 Design Will Be

The Model Showing How the iPhone 13’s Design Will Be Released. The iPhone 13 Pro Max, which is expected to be announced in the fall, has managed to seize a YouTube channel. The channel, which examines the model in detail, says that there will be 2 differences between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13, one of them will be the notch and the other will be the camera sensor dimensions.

Lewis Hilsenteger, trying to keep the pulse of the smartphone industry with the videos he shared on YouTube, made a very important development for consumers waiting for the iPhone 13. According to his own statement, Hilsenteger, who succeeded in obtaining a real model of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, thus clearly reveals the design of the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Apple has made a significant change in the designs of phones with the iPhone 12 family. Within the scope of this change, the technology giant, which makes the phone angular, seems to act by adopting this design language for a few years. It is possible to say that the iPhone 13 family will look just like the iPhone 12. However, the phone, which is expected to be announced in the autumn, seems to really bring a new solution to the notch issue this time.

Prototype Showing How the iPhone 13 Design Will Be 2

According to the model, the iPhone 13 Pro Max will come with a smaller notch

The video shared by Lewis Hilsenteger reveals that the issue of notching, which is widely spoken in iPhones, will take a hand. Accordingly, Apple will always pull the speaker, which it aligns in the middle, to the top of the phone, allowing the notch to shrink. Thus, the front camera setup called “TrueDepth” will be brought closer to each other, and this will reduce the occupied screen area. The claim, which has been frequently voiced recently, seems to be very close to being true this time.

Comparing the design of the iPhone 13 Pro Max with the iPhone 12 Pro Max in detail, Hilsenteger reveals that there will be a slight difference in the rear camera setup of the new model. Accordingly, if this model literally shows the real model, we will have the opportunity to meet with larger camera sensors on the iPhone 13. Time will tell what this growth will bring to the phone. Finally, let’s leave you alone with the video by saying that there is no other difference between the 2020 model iPhone and the 2021 model iPhone, and that all the remaining issues are the same.

Which iPhone 13 Models Will Have 120 Hz Refresh Rate

In the past weeks, some news have emerged that Apple will come out with 120 Hz LTPO screens in iPhone 13s. According to the latest information, 120 Hz LTPO screens will only be in iPhone 13 Pro models.

The most striking of these news was about the screen features that will appear in the iPhone 13 series. It was said that the 120 Hz refresh rate, which is shown as the biggest deficiency of the iPhone 12s, will come with the new LTPO screens to be used on the iPhone 13s. Thanks to these new LTPO screens, iPhones will have a 120 Hz refresh rate and lower power consumption. There are no changes to this point, but according to the latest news, not all iPhone 13 models will be able to benefit from these features.

LTPO displays will only come to Pro models:

According to the statements of Ross Young, who is considered to be a reliable source, who draws attention to the exact same issue about the iPhone 12 and revealed that the iPhone 12 will not have 120 Hz screen refresh feature, the iPhone 13 will only appear in Pro models . At this point, although some people interpret this as we will see an LTPO screen on a single iPhone 13 model, according to Young’s explanations, there will be two different Pro models, and both will have LTPO screens and a 120 Hz refresh rate.

Of course, none of this has yet to be verified by official sources, but we can take it for granted that Apple will now bring this technology to its phones at a time when we see at least 120 Hz refresh rate in almost all flagships coming. The point of curiosity here is whether Apple will actually bring LTPO screens only to Pro models because if it will, this is a news that will not be iPhone 13 Pro users.

The date has been given for the foldable iPhone!

Smart phones are coming up in different ways every day. In this context, foldable phones have attracted attention for a while. In this context, while Apple has been waiting for a move for a while, a new date has emerged.

Foldable phones are an area where brands such as Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi produce phone models. Naturally, the foldable phone is expected from Apple, which is another smartphone manufacturer. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo gave a new date.

There is an iPhone 13 series that Apple plans to introduce in the last months of this year. Subsequently, the technology giant is also said to press the button for the foldable iPhone. We have been aware of the existence of the phone with the patents it has received for a while. Now, there are some predictions about when the phone will be released.

While Kuo draws attention with its accurate iPhone reviews, it marks the year 2023 for the curious smartphone model. The chip problem, which has been experienced for a while, is expected to be resolved by 2023 and new phones will not be caught in the supply problem.

So what will this foldable iPhone be like? According to Kuo, the phone will have an 8-inch screen. Of course, there will be an OLED panel on the screen, but it is still said that the arrival of the phone may be delayed.