PT Arena 3: Compete for $750,000



In a few days, Phemex Traders Arena will begin its Episode 3. Phemex Traders Arena, which had a great success before, invites everyone to compete again.

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For those who don’t know, Phemex Traders Arena (#PTArena) is a BTC/USD crypto contract trading competition that pits different teams of traders against each other as they compete for a maximum Bitcoin prize pool of $750,000.

Competition and trade rules remain the same, only requirements and rewards have been updated. This time, it is necessary to have a Phemex BTC Trading Account with an initial net worth of 0.005 BTC at the time of registration. Additionally, all participants who trade in the competition will receive a $5 trading bonus.


  • June 7- June 20: Captain and Crew Records
  • June 21- July 4: Contest
  • July 12: Prize Distribution

Participant Prize Pool (USD)

PT Arena 3: The prize pool depends on how many participants there are, the more participants, the bigger the prize pool.

Participants Prize Pool (USD)
200-499 3,000
500-999 14,000
1000-1999 43,000
2000-3999 86,000
4000-5999 236,000
6000-7999 354,000
8000-9999 600,000
10000-13999 750,000

Team Size and Captain Rewards

There is a new reward for Team Captains for this version of Trader’s Arena. Each individual who successfully forms a team will receive a reward that varies according to team size.

Team Members Awards for the Captain
10 $300
20 $500
30 $700
50 $1,300
100 $2,500
150 $4,000
200 $6,000

Contest Format

  • An investor with enough influence to attract a large team can apply to become a team captain by filling out this form. When team member registrations open on June 7, Groups will be able to join the teams or captains chosen by investors.
  • A valid team must have at least 10 members. Teams that do not meet this requirement will be disbanded when the competition starts. Members will then be randomly assigned to other teams.
  • Team rankings will be based on the average Return on Investment (ROI) of the top 25% investors of each team. If a team has fewer than 40 members, the rankings will instead be calculated based on the average ROI of the top 10 traders.
  • All participants will also be ranked and rewarded on an individual level. Unlike team rankings, individual points will be based on Profits and Losses (PnL).

Prize Distribution

It will be split into Team Awards and Individual Awards.

Team Prizes make up 78% of the final prize pool. The distribution goes like this:

  • First Place Team gets 25% of the total prize pool
  • The 2nd Place Team gets 15% of the total prize pool
  • Third Place Team gets 8% of the total prize pool
  • Teams ranked 4th and 10th receive a share equal to 30% of the total prize pool.

Individual Prizes make up 22% of the final prize pool. The distribution goes like this:

  • Next Person gets 8% of the total prize pool
  • Rank Individual gets 5% of the total prize pool
  • The Next Individual gets 2% of the total prize pool
  • Ranked 10th Individuals receive an equal share of 7% of the total prize pool.

In addition;

○ Captains of a winning team will receive 40% of their team’s prize

○ The top 10 members of each winning team will equally share 30% of their team’s prize. All other team members will share the remaining 30%

○ If the winning team has less than 20 members, the captain will receive 40% of the team’s prize, while the other 60% will be split equally among the team members. Accounts with a transaction volume of less than 500 USD during the competition will not be able to win prizes.

Additional details

Users are only eligible to participate with a single account. Make sure the email address used to enter the event is linked to a valid Phemex UID.

Good luck!