Published in Response to Elon Musk, Precious increased by 260 thousand What is FUCKELON

The new crypto money, published in response to Elon Musk, had a bomb effect on the agenda with an increase of 260 thousand. FUCKELON Elon was launched by the anti-musk group, the increase in value made the investors happy.

Elon Musk Releases Opponents! Big Bang Lived! Meet the crypto money launched against Elon Musk.

Published in Response to Elon Musk Precious increased by 260 thousand What is F CKELON

What is F * CKELON?

While Elon Musk was once seen as the hero of the cryptocurrency industry, after his recent comments, he has become less popular in the industry.

Criticizing the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) fossil fuel-based mining, Musk didn’t just stop there. Expressing that Bitcoin is not decentralized and even implying that he can sell BTC in his hand, Musk caused the price to drop sharply with these statements and his effect.

After Elon Musk’s statements affecting the price of Bitcoin, a very original reaction came to him from the decentralized crypto money industry. Launched by anonymous developers, the F * ck Elon Musk (F * CKELON) project has seen an incredible rise in a short time.

F * CKELON, a copy of which has been released on the Binance Smart Chain, has gained 260 times in a short time, revealing how crazy the cryptocurrency industry is. Looking at the chart on Dextools, it is seen that the price rose from the bottom to the level of $ 0.00055205.

Published in Response to Elon Musk Precious increased by 260 thousand What is F CKELON

Although the crypto money project in question saw the bottom again after a serious rise, it started to increase with the new statements made by Elon Musk. It can be said that this is actually the way the cryptocurrency community demonstrates its reaction to Elon Musk.

After the project broke a record in a short time, it fell sharply again. It should not be forgotten that such projects should be approached very carefully and they do not have any guarantees. Nevertheless, it can be expected that the project will rise again in the days when Elon Musk will make a statement about the Bitcoin or crypto money industry.

Looking at the promotion of the project on Reddit, it can be seen that the only purpose of this is to react to Elon Musk. The project, which is a distribution model similar to the model of FEG, which has been mentioned recently, is quite dangerous since it has not passed any inspection.

The project founders emphasized that their aim was to surpass Tesla’s company and share value, using the phrase “We are tired of Elon Musk manipulating the market.” For the project to achieve this, it needs to exceed $ 700 billion.

F * CKELON Powered by Reddit Users

F * CKELON Powered by Reddit Users. The new crypto currency F * CKELON, which was launched by a group against Elon Musk and quickly found thousands of supporters, is quickly becoming popular. F * CKELON, which is supported by many users on the Reddit platform, is experiencing rapid increase in value.