Quantum Physics Becomes the Science of the New Century

Quantum physics is often viewed as a daunting field throughout. Even to physicists who deal with them every day, some topics in the field may seem both interesting and illogical; but the quantum is not an intrinsically incomprehensible, untested, or inconsistent field. On the contrary, one of the most powerful theories developed by humanity is the Quantum Theory.

What is Quantum Physics and How Does It Define the Universe?

If you are interested in quantum physics and want to enrich your knowledge, we can say that there are 6 key concepts you should be aware of in this field. If you can grasp these well, you will begin to find quantum physics more understandable. But be warned: As Richard Feynman said: “I can easily say that nobody understands quantum mechanics.”

There are many topics on which you can start a discussion of basic concepts in quantum physics; But this could be a good starting point: Everything in the Universe has both wave and particle nature at the same time.

In Greg Bear’s fantastic duology, [Ç.N. Duology: two works usually linked in terms of characters or plot in novels, plays or movies, in this case The Infinity Concerto and The Serpent Mage] a character that describes the basics of magic has a line like this:

Everything is wave; nothing wobbles, no distance.

What is Quantum Theory?


After several thousand years of debate, we now know why the items were made; tiny particles called electrons and quarks. These friends hang together in small families to form atoms like hydrogen and oxygen and molecules like H2O. Atoms and molecules are Lego pieces of our world. To explain how this tiny world works, scientists use a collection of ideas called quantum theory. Quantum theory underlies all the technology around you, including the chip that makes your smartphone smart. Quantum theory is weird, accurate, and important.

Quantum Mechanics and Classical Mechanics

The microscopic world is governed by different rules than the “classical” world we are used to. “Classic” is a physicist term for the “common sense” that everything behaves as expected in everyday life.

A billiard ball is a “classic object” (rolls flat on the table), but a single atom in it is subject to quantum laws (it can disappear suddenly on green ground at any time). There is an intersection of the laws of physics between the atomic scale and the billiard ball scale.

Just like the intersection between the gendarmerie area and the police district. You connect enough atoms together, the strange quantum effects disappear, behavior becomes classical. This is called the reciprocity principle.

Superposition and Schrödinger’s Cat

Imagine a cat in a box with a bottle of cyanide. Let there be a hammer on the bottle, held by a string. The hammer is set so that it falls when any random event occurs (for example, when a uranium atom decays). This is a thought experiment designed by Erwin Schrödinger to explain the idea of ​​superposition. Decay of the atom is subject to quantum laws, so the wave function of the atom has two possible solutions: decayed or not.

According to quantum theory, these two possibilities are equally valid until you make a measurement. In fact, you can think of it as the atom is decayed and not decayed at the same time. Since the fate of the cat is closely tied to the uranium atom, until you peek inside the box, the cat will be alive and dead at the same time.

5 interesting facts about quantum physics

  1. While Newtonian mechanics is used to explain the parts on the macro scale, when we come to understand the universe at the micro scale, we see that Newtonian mechanics is insufficient for them.
  2. Famous scientists such as Planck, Einstein, Bohr, De Broglie, Schrödinger, Heisenberg, Dirac, and Pauli have worked on this theory, and each has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for their work.
  3. In the meantime, although it is thought that the quantum physics was created by Max Planck, it is a theory that was put forward and developed with the contribution of more than one scientist, not a single scientist.
  4. The basic principle of quantum physics is the discontinuity of energy in the universe; in quantities.
  5. Proving the functioning of the atom, matter and even the universe in the experiments carried out over and over again; It is the only branch of physics that has the sparkles of real human intelligence in every letter, questioning my life and existence for myself.

Quantum and Thought Relationship

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The realization that the individual can create her own social facts with her own power of thought, to dominate the subconscious consciously and systematically, and to program the mind map in favor of her own existence, is the integrity of actions and a thought system.

The basis of this method of thinking, which is the most important finding of quantum physics; The power of the observer or the thinking being to shape the physical and social world realities lies.

We often witness miracles in human life. We witness so many extraordinary events in mental and physical health, in extraordinary situations related to human relations, in our profession and business life.

Quantum thought is a high quality way of thinking. It is a creative way of thinking that can be deeply effective. Operates on the field of common intelligence. Ordinary ways of thinking are repetitive, ineffective and have limited energy, no power to change and create. It flows more in the form of doubt, delusions, obsession, depression, stray dreams.

Take your hand and look. Look at it with an electron microscope. What will you see? Cell, look inside the cell, nucleus-atom-nucleus-neutron and proton-quark (particle). So you only see waves of energy. Everything is energy. Our planet we live in is earth-solar system-milky way galaxy-universe, that is, everything in the universe is energy. Our body is nothing more than a concentrated ocean of energy. So you are not this body, you are actually an energy field under the microscope.

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