Ripple Adds NFT Support To XRP Ledger To Reduce GAS Fee



Ripple (XRP) made an important announcement in the morning today. According to the announcement, the company decided to add NFT support to XRP Ledger to minimize the GAS fee.

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Although the NFT world has a great popularity in the community, it has become far from being easily accessible to all users due to the high GAS fee on the Ethereum (ETH) platform.

To solve these problems, Ripple has decided to integrate NFT into the XRP Ledger platform, which offers high transaction data at low fees. Ripple’s statement made the following statements:

“The first phase of NFT’s growth and development requires having the right infrastructure to provide an accessible, integrated, cheap and open user experience for developers, creators, markets and consumers.”

We believe XRP Ledger is ideal for NFTs to provide a superior user experience and tokenization in a broader sense. When combined with a powerful suite of tools and resources, the inherent performance benefits of XRPL and its native digital asset XRP will provide developers with a seamless experience for NFTs. ”

Ripple also stated that they are quite sustainable compared to other platforms.

“Current methods for printing NFTs are very environmentally inefficient due to the carbon footprint of many cryptocurrencies. Because XRPL uses a new consensus process to validate transactions, it consumes negligible amounts of energy and is 120,000 times more efficient than proof-of-work networks.


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