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Ripple Labs lawyers said in a document they sent to the court on June 4 that the SEC Bitcoin ve Ethereum They stated that the reports on their evaluations regarding the issue have not been delivered to them yet. Ripple appealed to Judge Sarah Netburn for the delivery of documents.

Ripple and the SEC continue to discover evidence against each other as part of the legal process that began in December 2020. The SEC still has not followed through on a court decision during this process, and Bitcoin ile Ethereum He did not submit his internal communications about Ripple to Ripple.

Ripple; He wants to examine the internal discussions the SEC has had over the years to see if XRP has ever been defined as being similar to Bitcoin or Ethereum, and whether it has been put in the same framework as BTC and ETH in general. SEC; Since it does not recognize BTC and ETH as securities, but recognizes XRP as such, it is thought that the SEC’s hand will be weakened if there is a statement to the contrary in the past talks.

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It was announced that the documents were still not delivered.

On April 6 and May 6, the court decided that the SEC submitted these documents to Ripple. has to offer decided to. According to the decision of Judge Netburn, Ripple; As far as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP are concerned, he has the right to see the chapter reports of the SEC, the final reports of the internal working groups, the documents presented to the commission members and reflect the official position.

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In the document sent to Judge Netburn on June 4, the SEC has not submitted a single document on this issue so far, and the court’s decisions not compatible specified. Ripple lawyers request that the court submit these documents to the SEC. by 18 June 2021 at the latest to give an instruction to deliver

The SEC, in its document submitted to the court on June 2, stated that the pre-trial process for 60 days the extension of the discovery of the evidence to 31 August instead of 2 July; demanded that the process of examining these evidences by expert witnesses end on October 15, instead of August 16. Ripple responded to this SEC request. have given a response by June 9 at the latest. announced that it will.

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