Thursday, January 6

Ron Paul, Former United States Representative, Wants Bitcoin Totally Legalized to Compete With Dollar and Let the People Decide


Ron Paul, Former United States Representative, Wants Bitcoin Totally Legalized to Compete With Dollar and Let the People Decide


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    tldr; Former US Congressman Ron Paul has said that he wants to legalize the dollar’s competition, including bitcoin, and let the people decide which money to use, not the government. “Freedom of choice will sort it out,” he said. He added that governments over centuries have been notoriously very eager to have control of the money.{}

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  • MarranoPoltergeist

    That way when the dollar becomes useless, I can fill a pillowcase with quarters and beat some sense into his dunce son.

  • MixIntelligent7897

    Should surprise no one. He is constantly fighting for decentralization and other libertarian ideals. Surprised it took him this long to state it. Maybe he bought a bunch recently!

  • Visigothtx

    My man Ron, love his views on metal but Bitcoin? Is questionable, other projects out there look solid

  • Mauriac158

    Gosh I want Ron Paul associated with crypto less than I want Elon associated with crypto.

    I just want you to understand how bad that is.

  • Commercial-Bass-3668

    The system and the powers that be don’t want us free of their financial institutions. And they sure as hell don’t want us making crazy bank off of cryptos.


  • CrazyAsparagus

    Are people here for real? So you think it’s okay how it is right now where you have to pay an extra ~15-30% tax if you bought a pizza with crypto?

    But no the big bad libertarian said it, OOOOO SCARY. Team politics SMH.

  • JoeBaiDeng

    let THE PEOPLE decide? What kind of Nazi fascist concept is that? ?????????????




    I followed Ron Paul from NZ around 2012 I think it was when he was running for President in USA? Was really hoping you Americans would elect him in but yeah that didn’t happen but we’re here now so it’s ok I guess.

    Edit – I have never voted in my life. I see politics (and especially the left-right divide of USA) not as a scam but a broken system that people take advantage of and really it’s all just social engineering with each person playing their role including the President himself. So even if Ron Paul got elected i’m not saying anything good would have come from it. Things could have gotten worse who knows? He just seems like a genuine guy looking out for other human beings no matter who you are, which is who I would want in someone being in a leadership position. Like he believes in a god whereas I don’t….who cares? I can tell when a man has honest intentions for his fellow human being and that’s all that matters to me.

  • Orthodoxant

    Ugh I just said this yesterday. Fuck Ron Paul. This is worse garbage than they post on crypto moon shots.

  • Powerful_Stick_1449

    Ron Paul has always had clownish ideas though so I dont put to much behind this

  • AfterBurner9911

    I’m not a libertarian but I do appreciate Ron Paul and the logical, no-nonsense way he gets his argument across. If anyone was going to convince me, it’d be him.

  • gentlestone

    What an absolute legend.

    The amount of people who were introduced to sound money principles and Austrian Economics because of this man is HUGE.

    His beliefs of restricting federal and centralized intervention in people’s lives is something that a lot of crypto hodlers can resonate with!

  • Over_Nerd

    Am I the only one concerned that the public adoption of crypto by the elite is because the stock markets going down in flames soon and the need a new less regulated monetary exchange to further fleece the 99%?

  • Icanmakeshittygames

    Now I’m skeptical. Never believe what Ron Paul says. Odds are Ron Paul is deep in Bitcoin futures and needs a rally to pay for god knows what.

  • Laywall

    I mean, I can’t really afford Bitcoin and I don’t think people want to buy things in .00000001 of a bitcoin

  • AwsomeDude6157

    ‘legalized’ implies its already not legal. But further legal protection would be amazing.

  • DNiceM

    Americans had multiple chances to vote this guy in. Ya’ll really hate your country, voting for the least worst instead.

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