Samsung climbs to the top, leaving Apple behind


Apple, with a worldwide reputation for customer satisfaction, has been hit hard by recent polls. Samsung first time in this field AppleHe settled on the top, leaving behind.

Data conducted by the University of Michigan American Consumer Satisfaction IndexIt came from. In the details of the analyzed figures, it is revealed which phone manufacturers give importance to their customers; It was also noticeable that the quality of satisfaction has decreased slightly since last year.

Xiaomi outperforms Apple in the race for leadership

Apple lost 2 percent satisfaction

Among the major phone brands Samsung It took the first place with 81 percent satisfaction rate. Apple, Google and Motorola Companies such as 80 percent made the continuation of the list.


Among these brands, Apple was the most striking. Because the company was registered as the only brand whose satisfaction score fell compared to last year. In a year 2 percent loss He took Apple to the top.

Samsung phones mark satisfaction survey

In the report, which examined the phones individually, it was revealed that the users preferred Samsung devices the most. Company to fill the top five Galaxy Note 10 Plus, Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S20 Plus It got an 84 percent satisfaction score with its models. Galaxy S20 and Galaxy A20 devices made it to the list with 83 percent.


According to the report, the best iPhones are, in order iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone X and iPhone XS Max. But in research Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy S21 and iPhone 12 newer devices such as the market were not included. We’ll probably have to wait for the next report a year to see the satisfaction rates of these models.