SEC Opposes Ripple’s Proposed June 18 Restriction


US Securities and Exchange Commission; He announced that he would submit the evidence he had to submit to Ripple regarding Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP by the end of the evidence discovery process at the latest. Ripple has agreed that the deadline for these proofs 18 June had requested it.

The SEC has reported to Ripple that it has reviewed tens of thousands of external documents related to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP since April 6, in a document filed with the court on Friday. 25,000 Belgian announced its offer.

Judge Sarah Netburn; On April 6, it was decided that the SEC’s email conversations with major third parties about Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP should be submitted to Ripple as evidence. On May 6, the SEC again on the same issue. within the institution It was decided to present some interviews as evidence.

  • Ripple has ordered the SEC’s submission of this evidence in order to extend the pre-trial process. “postponed” suggests. In its statement on Friday, the SEC argued that this claim was not true.

  • SEC prepared in-house related to BTC, ETH and XRP. tens of thousands stated that the document is in the process of reviewing.

  • Ripple provides the necessary evidence until 18 June He wants it delivered.

  • This time constraint is not enforced, as the SEC “takes time” to prepare relevant evidence. to be rejected demands.

  • It was stated that the necessary documents will be delivered when the evidence discovery process is completed.

Before the trial by July 2 as much evidence can be collected; until 16 August expert witnesses may be consulted. The SEC filed a request earlier this month to extend that process.

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