Sergey Brin’s airship project to be used in humanitarian missions


Co-founder of Google Sergey Brinthat we are working on a secret zeppelin project in April 2017. we transferred. Some details of the zeppelin project, which continued secretly for about 4 years, came to light. Started in 2017 inside Nasa’s Ames research center LTA Research and Exploration projesicontinues to work in line with the vision of realizing zero emission aircraft.

After visiting Nasa’s Ames research center in 2014, Brin decided to develop his own zeppelin, and in 2017, Google’s roof company. AlphabetHe started the LTA Research and Exploration project while he was president of the company. Brin, who left his position at Alphabet in December 2019, continued to develop the zeppelin as part of LTA.

LTA Research and Exploration’s first goal 200 meter in length was to develop a huge airship. According to the information we have obtained, LTA Research and Exploration’s Brin 100 million dollars Let’s also share that it was established with its budget. At the end of the 4-year period, there is no information about how much Sergey Brin spent on this project. Sergey Brin’s net fortune last week 100 billion dollars Let’s add that it has passed the threshold.

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The main purpose of LTA’s giant zeppelin is to be used in humanitarian aid missions. The zeppelin to be produced in areas where access is difficult food, provisions and medicine to carry is aimed. Because it is a zeppelin, the LTA zeppelin will not need a traditional airport runway, so it will be able to reach areas where transportation is difficult. Another claim made about the zeppelin is that it will be used as an intercontinental luxury air yacht for Sergey Brin’s family and friends.

Let’s add that LTA is developing a prototype. Pathfinder 1 named prototype zeppelin is powered by lithium-ion batteries and 12 electric motors holds. To improve humanitarian aid distribution with the new generation zeppelins and carbon emissions to reduce Expressing that they are working, LTA announced on its website that they will produce zero-emission aircraft. LTA will be produced in the zeppelin hydrogen fuel cell Let us also mention that it aims to use.


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