Shares of Famous Mining Company to Be Traded on Nasdaq


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Hut 8 Mining Corporation (TSX HUT) is one of America’s oldest and most advanced cryptocurrency mining companies. The shares of the company, which is currently traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange, are now preparing to be listed on the Nasdaq.

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The official statement on the subject came from the Hut 8 team. In the statement made on Twitter, it was stated that the shares were approved to be listed on the Nasdaq.

Hut 8 shares will be offered for sale on the Nasdaq Global Select Market. Details on the subject are expected to be announced shortly.

According to the company’s statement, the shares will be listed with the code “HUT”. The shares are also listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the same name.

In addition, the company’s shares can be traded “over-the-counter” through OTCQX.

Greeting from the CEO of MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor congratulated the company on Twitter. Saylor thinks that many more mining companies will be listed on the US stock exchanges in the coming years.

“The next phase of bitcoin development will enable many Bitcoin miners to go public in the US, providing bitcoin with an additional layer of security, integrity and durability. Congratulations to @Hut8Mining.”