What Awaits Turkey as of May 17?


Hürriyet writer Fulya Soybaş explored what should be done after the period of full closure that will end on May 17th. Scientists argue that after this process, there should be a period of normalization in a controlled manner and not fully opening. For a while because of the coronavirus pandemic “full closure“Turkey, which is in … Read more

Netflix Series Ragnarok Season 2 First Trailer Released


[ad_1] Netflix has released the first season 2 trailer of Ragnarok, the popular fantasy series based on Scandinavian mythology. The 1 minute-long trailer shows that the tension and action will not be missing in the second season. While Greek mythology is much more covered when it comes to art or literature, Scandinavian mythology is much … Read more

Clubhouse Gets In Action To Make Its Own Special Shows


Popular audio social media platform Clubhouse has taken action to make its own special shows. People who will do pilot episodes for the platform will receive $ 5,000 a month for three months. One of the shining stars of the pandemic era is the audio social media platform. Clubhouse had happened. The platform, which is … Read more

Streamlabs and TikTok Partner for New Live Broadcast and Donation Features

Streamlabs and TikTok Partner for New Live Broadcast and Donation Features

Live broadcast on TikTok quickly became popular. Tiktok then partnered with Streamlabs for New Live Streaming and Donation Features. Social media giant TikTok has collaborated with Streamlabs, which will enable its users to have new features and donation features in live broadcasts. With the new partnership, users will be able to benefit from many tools … Read more

TikTok: What does “Beta expired” mean?

TikTok What does Beta expired mean

TikTok: “Beta expired” means your device is out of date. We will explain how to fix the Tiktok beta expired error. However, a new error is waiting to be solved more easily in tiktok. In the event that you are a standard TikTok client you may have been unfortunate enough to have a message saying … Read more

They were fired after criticism made to the company on WhatsApp

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3 employees were fired in a group among themselves on WhatsApp, who made speeches insulting company executives and disparaging their products. Both the local court and the appeal rejected the reemployment case. A workplace in Sakarya fired 3 employees who disparaged the products in the group that the employees established among themselves on the instant … Read more

How Does the Instagram Algorithm Work in 2021?

How Does the Instagram Algorithm Work in 2021

How Does the Instagram Algorithm Work in 2021? Instagram offered users the opportunity to experiment with its new algorithm in 2021. Let’s take a look at what has changed in Instagram’s algorithms with updates in 2021. How the Instagram Algorithm Works in 2021 It uses these top tips to bypass the Instagram algorithm to make … Read more

How to Create an Instagram Business Account?

How to Create an Instagram Business Account

In November 2017, we learned that Instagram’s business accounts exceeded 25 million. More than 200 million users visit at least 1 business account a day. We can say that the fact that business accounts have such statistics naturally creates a desire for brands or individuals to transfer their accounts to the business account. So how … Read more