Sony Develops Artificial Intelligence To Play Games Like Real Gamers

It turned out that Sony is working to develop a new artificial intelligence. The development with the patent shows that Sony wants to develop artificial intelligence that focuses on imitating a player. So why does Sony need such an artificial intelligence?

Japan-based technology giant Sony continues to work on a new artificial intelligence algorithm. The algorithm set by a recently filed patent is a bit confusing, although closely related to gamers. Because this artificial intelligence can imitate a player’s movement and game perception and play games instead of that player. So when such an artificial intelligence is developed, will we no longer need to play games?

While the information contained in the AI ​​algorithm’s documentation is confusing, Sony’s main goal is probably to allow users to eat themselves while playing a game, and not to allow the AI ​​to play a game. Of course, the company does not make a clear statement about the artificial intelligence in question, but a little brainstorming allows it to understand in which areas this type of artificial intelligence can be used.

What is Sony’s new artificial intelligence for?

Sony Develops Artificial Intelligence To Play Games Like Real Gamers

When we think within the framework of logic, we can easily say that Sony designed this artificial intelligence algorithm for developers. Because with this kind of artificial intelligence, the company can test the games that are in the testing phase of both itself and other game developers with the behavior and approaches of real players. Thus, overlooked errors and other issues can be detected much more easily.

It is currently unknown what the artificial intelligence algorithm described in a patent prepared by Sony will do. In fact, it is not known whether such an algorithm will be published one day. But the patent documents in question are a clear indication that Sony is working on some things. Let’s see if this technology will one day serve to play games instead of gamers, or will we see more error-free games.