Clubhouse Gets In Action To Make Its Own Special Shows

Popular audio social media platform Clubhouse has taken action to make its own special shows. People who will do pilot episodes for the platform will receive $ 5,000 a month for three months.

One of the shining stars of the pandemic era is the audio social media platform. Clubhouse had happened. The platform, which is open to iOS users, has managed to make a name for itself with chat rooms and events where the masses come together.

Founders of Clubhouse now for a new process he pressed the button. At the end of this process, the audio social media platform will host various shows that will resemble the radio programs of a period. These shows will include different productions such as interview shows and radio theaters.

Order of 50 pilot episodes from Clubhouse


In the new show concept, Taryn Southern The guests will create productions based on interviews and conversations. Another production “Serial Killer Speed Dating” will be a game show.

Those who will develop pilot episodes will receive a $ 5,000 monthly check for three months. In addition, the platform will provide equipment and team support to these people. The goal is at the end of the three-month period All 50 productions making it possible for pilot episodes to be broadcast.


Coming Up Coming: Clubhouse’s Android Beta Tests Begins

Success of the pilot episodes, Clubhouse what path to follow It will also guide the subject. Those who are successful enough among the programs will be able to get longer-term contracts. Thus, content that users can follow regularly will be created on the platform.

A first for the clubhouse



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Clubhouse is the first to use this kind of content since its establishment. direct production he’s gone his way. Those who will participate in the project in the first phase will also be able to benefit from Clubhouse’s accelerator program. Also, the ownership of the shows will not be on the platform.

Celebrating its foundation anniversary in March, the platform announced its acceleration program at the event it held for this purpose. There is still no Android app and entries are by invitation Clubhouse’s future roadmap it is expected with great curiosity.