Spread the word! Dogecoin is accepted at over 41k stores in the United States Right Now!!!

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Some of the most popular stores that accept it:

AMC/Regal Theatres
Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins
Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack
Ulta Beauty
Bed Bath and Beyond

During all of the hype of SNL, many may have missed this huge announcement by the Flexa Network on Twitter.

The Flexa Network is a natively digital Cryptocurrency payment solution. They enable instant feeless fraudless transactions at any of their supported stores. Dogecoin is not the only payment options supported through Flexa, they also let users freely spend BTC/LTC/ETH and more.

You all can start Spedning your dogecoin freely immediately.

Download the Spedn app and get started, its super easy.





Note: You cannot withdraw any Crypto on spedn for the time being. So only deposit what you wanna Spedn.

3 thoughts on “Spread the word! Dogecoin is accepted at over 41k stores in the United States Right Now!!!”

  1. I truly believe Flexa will be an essential part of Dogecoins long term success. Other payment solutions like bitpay allow for dogecoin payment but the problem is they instantly convert it to fiat when you pay. So that literally defeats the the whole purpose imo and it does more harm than good for Doge. We need to keep doge rotating through peoples hands for long term adoption!

  2. Just finished reading Flexa’s whitepaper, this company is the real deal. This is a huge opportunity for Doge to finally make it mainstream in retailers and go parabolic. As a doge investor, I will definitely help spread the word about what Flexa is doing with doge!

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