Statement About Data Breach Allegations From BtcTurk



Crypto currency exchange BtcTurk made a statement on its Twitter account regarding the data claims that have been frequently voiced recently.

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In the statement made, the company stated that they take high-level security measures to ensure the data security of users, and at the same time, they carry out their activities in accordance with all applicable legislative obligations, especially the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK).

BtcTurk shared the following information regarding the allegations:

“Before the sample data presented in the aforementioned claims were shared in accordance with the agreements made within the scope of KVKK with the institutions we cooperate with, it was evaluated that one of the data sets taken out of the system in July 2018 was the draft version (the first version taken from the database).

It is considered that the said data set went out of the company as a result of a security breach in the environment where it is stored.

We strongly inform you that there is no data leakage regarding the selfie / selfie records, balance information, bank accounts, financial passwords and qualified data of our users in the mentioned data breach. It is believed that the data below, which was up to date in July 2018, of 516,954 users who registered before July 2018, were affected by the mentioned data breach. “

Name, Surname, Turkish ID Number and user number / User ID information registered in BtcTurk

E-mail information registered in BtcTurk

Address information registered in BtcTurk

Date of birth registered in BtcTurk

Mobile phone number registered in BtcTurk

Last login date before July 2018

The last IP address to log into the account before July 2018 and

User passwords irreversibly masked by the PBKDF2 algorithm.

BtcTurk added that the necessary notifications were made to the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor regarding the issue.