Thursday, January 6

Stay calm – China has banned Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies 7 times


* 2013:
* 2014:
* 2016:
* 2017:
* 2018:
* 2019:
* and finally, 2021:,online%2C%20which%20has%20concerned%20Beijing.


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  • thegooddocgonzo

    Wonder why they skipped 2015? 2020 makes sense – lots on their plate with COVID. But what was going on in 2015 that they couldn’t make time for their annual crypto ban?

  • MaltMilchek

    Did they ban mining before as well? I dont recall. Banning mining is very different from banning crypto.

  • Rocket_Emojis

    China is having a tantrum because their homemade shitcoin is treated as it should be.

  • Sad-Dot000

    It’s crazy that the fud from China was coming and everyone was scared even tho the high was still under 6k😂 literally a months after that it’s went parabolic. Hold my friends. I’m scared but HODL

  • Grishen

    Only 7 times ? Guess it doesn’t account for how many times western news outlets recycled each instance of ban-talks then!

  • StudentOfAwesomeness

    Every major crash has basically been China.

    2014 Mt. Gox + China ban.

    2017 China ICO ban.

    2021 China ban.

    2024 China ban.

    2027 China ban.

    Decouple from stocks? How about we decouple from China first.


    Readying to buy the cryptos for cheap! If they can, they will. If they can’t, they’ll find a way. Chinese folks know how to escape Chinese “governess”

  • paranoid-hemorrhoid

    thanks for this. i knew this wasnt the first time but was too lazy to look up the actual number.

  • mrfatbush

    Really puts it into perspective. They will be shooting themselves in the foot if they do.

  • ZhangtheGreat

    This. They do this once in a while just to flex their muscle, but in the long run, it doesn’t do anything.

  • karakter98

    They did actually ban exchanges, and now bank transactions involving crypto. It’s not as baseless as people claim it is.

    Sure, they’ve been spewing shit before about mining bans, but just because they haven’t done it already, doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

    People should know the facts and the risks they are exposed to. I think it’s bad for the community to just brush these things off as “pfff another China ban”. Even though they may bluff, there’s a real possibility of a mining ban and we should be mentally prepared for that.

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