Streamlabs and TikTok Partner for New Live Broadcast and Donation Features

Live broadcast on TikTok quickly became popular. Tiktok then partnered with Streamlabs for New Live Streaming and Donation Features.

Social media giant TikTok has collaborated with Streamlabs, which will enable its users to have new features and donation features in live broadcasts. With the new partnership, users will be able to benefit from many tools of Streamlabs in their live broadcasts.

Streamlabs and TikTok Partner for New Live Broadcast and Donation Features

Today, most of the content producers who broadcast live on Facebook, Twitch and YouTube platforms benefit from the tool called Streamlabs OBS. Integrated with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), the tool makes managing broadcasts much easier for broadcasters. This ease of use of the tool allows even new publishers who do not have much technical knowledge to easily make quality broadcasts.

Yesterday, very important news came from this popular tool. Streamlabs announced in its blog post that it has brought TikTok integration to the vehicle in addition to Facebook, Twitch and YouTube. The tool, now available to live streaming users from TikTok, will bring some important features to the platform.

Streamlabs made available to TikTok users

Although TikTok already has its own live streaming features, with the inclusion of Streamlabs OBS, users will have many more opportunities. With Streamlabs, TikTok will have features such as donations, analytics and screen alerts. In addition, in partnership with TikTok and Streamlabs, TikTok will also enable broadcasters to sell their exclusive products on live streams.

In order to broadcast on TikTok with Streamlabs, some requirements are sought from users. Users who will open live broadcasts must be over the age of 18 and have at least 1,000 followers. Every broadcaster who meets these requirements will be able to start their live broadcasts by logging into their TikTok account via Streamlabs and completing the two-step broadcast setup.

Streamlabs has fully listed which tools users can access with TikTok integration. Accordingly, TikTok users will be able to benefit from Streamlabs OBS, Streamlabs mobile application, donation and analytics, screen alerts, special product store and Streamlabs widgets in their live broadcasts.