Bitcoin fell, Elon Musk lost the world’s richest title

Bitcoin fell Elon Musk lost the worlds richest title 1

Elon Musk, the founder of the electric car manufacturer Tesla, lost his title as the richest man in the world with the fall of the company’s shares. The sharp depreciation in Bitcoin was effective in the decline of Tesla’s shares. Tesla shares, which make up most of Tesla’s founder Elon Musk’s fortune, fell more than … Read more

Rally warning from the institution that estimated 146 thousand dollars for Bitcoin


Stating that Bitcoin can reach $ 146,000 in the long term, JP Morgan stated that the current rally is not sustainable unless the volatility in the crypto currency decreases.JP Morgan said that the volatility of cryptocurrencies must decrease so that the Bitcoin rally does not end badly. According to the note released by JP Morgan … Read more

What if Apple buys Bitcoin? Bitcoin Goal $ 1 million

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Apple, the world’s largest publicly traded company, was claimed to be in an exceptionally good position to raise cryptocurrencies to a point of no return in the US. RBC Capital Markets, the world’s largest global investment bank, has published a new report on the subject. Apple can add a lot to cryptocurrencies Apple’s premium encrypted … Read more

European Central Bank Governor Lagarde Concerned About Bitcoin

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European Central Bank (ECB) President Christine Lagarde expressed that they are thinking about acquainting another guideline with crypto resources, for example, Bitcoin. Lagarde, a visitor of BFMTV, said about Bitcoin, which has been sought after as of late, “Crypto-resources are not a cash. It is a profoundly theoretical resource.” In any case, focusing on that … Read more

Tesla’s announcement breaks new record in Bitcoin

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Tesla, in a statement to the American capital markets regulator, reported that he bought $ 1.5 billion of Bitcoin. After the news, Bitcoin reached its new historical record level. Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla announced that it has purchased a total of $ 1.5 billion of Bitcoins “in order to increase the flexibility of its cash … Read more

Thousands of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, are used for money laundering

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Venezuela started paying with Bitcoin to third countries with which it traded against American sanctions. So, are thousands of cryptocurrencies widely used in cross-country trade? What are the limits to this? Economist Enver Erkan told Sputnik. It has been reported in country media that Venezuela pays countries with trade relations in Bitcoin to reduce the … Read more

Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin 2021

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Bitcoin has been in a bull run since its inception. Earning BTC, the currency of the new century, can actually be very easy. Even a computer that works for you can continue to make you money. Bitcoin can be used by any central bank, government agency, etc. It is an electronic currency that is not … Read more

Bitcoin is rapidly being supported, but what will its value be in 2050?

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BTC could be $0.01 or $1,000,000 (I would wager nearer to the previous than the last mentioned). You should ask what the temperature will be on October second 2050. Indeed, by extrapolating recorded information, you have a far superior possibility of an exact forecast. After Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, put the Bitcoin … Read more