What is the Cardano (ADA) coin, why is it rising?

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Cardano (ADA), one of the cryptocurrencies, rose from $ 0.98 on February 26 and reached a level of $ 0.33 as of the morning of February 27. Cardano, which continued to rise in March, is rapidly increasing its volume in the stock markets. Cryptocurrencies continue to be on the agenda and give direction to the … Read more

Can Cardano (Ada) be worth 1000?

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Can Cardano (Ada) be worth 1000? Cardano, one of the favorite currencies in the crypto currency exchange, continues to increase its value. How realistic are the predictions that the Cardano (ADA) coin value will be 1000 thousand dollars? Cardano (ADA) Searches Reach an All-Time High on Google! Google searches for Cardano (ADA) have surpassed all-time … Read more

Cardano (ADA) to Reach Full Decentralization on March 31st

A new era begins for Cardano ADA. Here the date is set 3

ADA coin review! Cardano’s community network of more than 1,800 pools will be responsible for 100% of the block generation in less than a month as the project goes for full decentralization. Cardano (ADA), one of the most talked about altcoins of recent times, has a very volatile appearance. The altcoin, which moved very hard … Read more