Jerome Powell Scares Bitcoin and Other Coins

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Bitcoin and Other Virtual Currencies fell after Jerome Powell’s statements. The fall of cryptocurrencies after Powell’s statements revealed the effect of the FED’s decision. Bitcoin slumped 3.5% daily to $40,400 after Fed Chairman Powell said it was “appropriate to act faster”. Ethereum also saw below $ 3000 After the statements of Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, … Read more

Jerome Powell Faces a World Risk for Fed’s Contraction Timeline


Jerome Powell’s announcement that the Fed Faces a World Risk in terms of Contraction Timeline scared. Bloomberg Economics demonstrating shows how stuns at home and abroad could wreck the U.S. recuperation and power a course revision from the Fed. What might it take to thump the U.S. recuperation off kilter and send Federal Reserve strategy … Read more

Bitcoin’s rise reflects America’s downfall 2021

Bitcoins rise reflects Americas downfall 1

As the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rapidly increased, a remarkable analysis was published in the British Financial Times. According to the analysis, the rise in cryptocurrencies is a sign of the foam created by the FED and the fall of the US and the dollar. A remarkable analysis of the rise in the … Read more