Walmart Claim About Litecoin Lies

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There is an earthquake of fake news in the crypto market. All the claims about Litecoin turned out to be unfounded. Cryptocurrency markets have been turned upside down after allegations that the cryptocurrency Litecoin would partner with US retail giant Walmart were false. Cryptocurrency markets have been quite active after Litecoin shared a tweet about … Read more

What is Litecoin Ltc? What Does a Litecoin Wallet Do? Can It Be Purchased From The Bank?

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Crypto currencies, which are seen as the investment tool of the new age, come into play every day. Litecoin, one of Bitcoin’s competitors in the popular cryptocurrency world, has been on the radar of many with its increase last month. So what is Litecoin? How to buy Litecoin? Everything you need to know about Litecoin … Read more

Litecoin one step closer to the expected MimbleWimble


Litecoin, one of the largest cryptocurrencies, integrates a new version of MimbleWimble technology, which offers better scaling and privacy. Litecoin, currently the 7th largest cryptocurrency, adds new and experimental privacy features to its system. As it is known, MimbleWimble, which was first proposed in November 2019, is a protocol that offers a privacy option for … Read more

Charlie Lee’s Favorite Details About Litecoin (LTC)

Charlie Lee

Litecoin (LTC) will commend its tenth commemoration this year. So who can uncover Litecoin’s insider facts better than its maker Charlie Lee? It’s a major year for Litecoin, one of the significant cryptographic forms of money after Bitcoin (BTC). Bitcoin is alluded to as gold and LTC as its silver. The silver of the crypto … Read more

Litecoin rose 10%, caught all eyes


On Thursday, Litecoin traded at $ 156,786 on the Index, gaining 10.48%. This is the biggest one-day increase since January 3. With this move, Litecoin’s market cap reached $ 10,338B, representing 0.91% of the total cryptocurrency market cap. The highest market cap of Litecoin cryptocurrency was set at $ 14,099B. Litecoin has traded in … Read more