Is it possible to buy land from the Metaverse? Investments will be valued in 2040

metaverseten arsa alinir mi iste 2040 icin tahminler

Is it too early to invest in Metaverse? Discussing the future of Metaverse platforms, new research divided experts. It is claimed that Metaverse lands will reach record prices in 2040 and bring millions of dollars to their investors. After Facebook changed its name to Meta and announced that it would invest billions of dollars in … Read more

ApeCoin Predicted to Rise Surprisingly Based on Analysis

ApeCoin Predicted to Rise Surprisingly Based on Analysis

ApeCoin has started to be shown among the brightest cryptocurrencies of the future. Forecasts about the future of ApeCoin give hope to investors. Metaverse’s most popular cryptocurrency also seems to be ApeCoin. Which Metaverse Coin Is Expected To Increase By About 250 Percent According To The Analysis? Although metaverse coins have lost their former popularity, … Read more

‘Beam Me Scotty’ Will Be Real on Metaverse


Thanks to the standards that the Metaverse Standards Forum will soon develop, we will be able to “teleport to the metaverse” with our avatar, even though we cannot say “Beam me up, Scotty” like Captain Kirk in a short time. It’s Possible to Teleport in the Metaverse Universe Technological change continues to envelop human life … Read more