Warning about Raspberry Robin malware that threatens Windows


Microsoft has announced that it has found a malware called ‘Raspberry Robin’ on the networks of hundreds of organizations from different industries. The giant company described this software as ‘high risk’ and warned users. With the increasing use of the Internet, billions of people now spend most of their day online. However, it is a … Read more

Microsoft’s Market Cap Reached $2.3 Trillion After ‘Raise’ Announcement


With a statement made this morning, Microsoft caused an increase in market and share values. The statements of the company announcing that it will raise its Office 365 products will have sent the message that “developments are coming” to the investors, as the market value of the company reached an all-time high shortly after the … Read more

5 Lesser Known Tips for Microsoft OneDrive

5 Lesser Known Tips for Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive, which brings a Microsoft interpretation of cloud storage services widely used in recent years, is a very easy platform to log in. So what are the best features you can use while using Microsoft OneDrive? How many GB do you have for free? Is it worth getting premium? The answer to all of them … Read more

What is Microsoft Onedrive? How to Use Microsoft Ondrive, Is It Paid?


OneDrive is an online file storage and sharing service from Microsoft. Using their browser, users can send files to OneDrive accounts, where they can connect with their Microsoft Account and from anywhere with internet access. In these periods of increasing use of computers and internet, keeping and protecting documents are among the features sought. People … Read more

What is Microsoft Teams, what does it do, how is it used?


After Microsoft introduced the all-day free calling feature of the Teams app, what is Microsoft Teams, what does it do, how does it use it? His questions were sought. Details about Microsoft’s Teams application, which is widely used in businesses and enables employees to communicate, are included in our article. As the process of working … Read more

Microsoft signs a $ 21.3 billion contract to sell Augmented Reality glasses to the US military

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It has been announced that the American technology giant Microsoft will sell $ 21.3 billion worth of Augmented Reality technology glasses to the US army within 10 years. Under the agreement, Microsoft will produce more than 120,000 HoloLens glasses for the US military. It has been announced that the glasses that allow users to see … Read more