Web3 is stupid and transparency is the number one ad fashion word?

Web3 is stupid and transparency is the number one ad fashion word

Web3 is silly and transparency is going to be the number one advertising buzzword and what’s going on about the future technology Web3. Spotify Icebergify, TikTok still trouble, OpenSea email leak, Hangouts (again) ending, Steam sale, Instagram turning everything into Reel, Snapchat paid and layoffs everywhere. Spotify Icebergify Spotify Icebergify shows you what Spotify thinks … Read more

What is Defi? Which Defi Projects Are Safe?


Although we created an informative content about Defi in our previous article, we decided to take a closer look at this technology and Defi coins and tokens. We share with you an article that can answer the question of what is DeFi, the Future of the Finance World. DeFi World, known as Decentralized Finance, is … Read more

What are the 2021 Most Wanted Technology Institutes?

What are the 2021 Most Wanted Technology Institutes 3

There has been a great interest in technology in recent years. We will talk about a few universities that students search for the most in 2021. Technical universities or Universities of Technology are among the most important educational institutions of the future. Every student wants to receive the highest quality education. However, the most successful … Read more

Video Learning Platform What is VoiceThread?

Video Learning Platform What is VoiceThread

VoiceThread, a Video Learning Platform, has become one of the companies that most consider the future. VoiceThread, which is frequently preferred by students, is expected to continue its popularity until 2028. VoiceThread is a collaborative multimedia slideshow that allows students to comment on text, video and audio files related to images, documents and videos. Teachers … Read more

ICT: Department of Information Systems and Technologies

Department of Information Systems and Technologies

What is Information Systems and Technologies Division (ICT)? Department of Information Systems and Technologies; It aims to train experts in the development and application of mathematical models of processes and objects, mathematical techniques, software and tools to address science, technology, economics and management problems. Students in these programs can learn how to use their knowledge … Read more

What is Center for Humane Technology ?

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However long web-based media organizations benefit from dependence, gloom, and division, our general public will keep on being in danger. The Center for Humane Technology (once known as Time Well Spent) is a charitable association committed to drastically rethinking the computerized foundation. Its central goal is to drive a far reaching shift toward others conscious … Read more