Apple hired Facebook’s former ad manager

Apple hired Facebook's former ad manager

[ad_1] AppleWorking on Facebook’s advertising team Antonio Garcia Martinez placeholder imagehired. The technology giant aims to invest in the advertising platform with this move. Antonio Garcia Martinez joined Apple in April as part of the company’s advertising platforms product engineering team. Business Insider She will be working on Apple’s campus in Cupertino. At this point, … Read more

Change of Chevrolet Camaro from Yesterday to Today


American-made Chevrolet Camaro models that have become legendary worldwide; We have compiled models that set a throne on the hearts of car lovers. Few vehicles almost non-existent in the history of the American auto industry Chevrolet camaro We would not be wrong to say that it is as famous. Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet … Read more

Elon Musk Announces He Has ‘Asperger Syndrome’


Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla, announced that he has ‘asperger syndrome’ in a live broadcast he attended yesterday. Announcing his neurological syndrome for the first time, Musk also took Twitter posts while explaining his condition in a humorous language. Elon Musk, in the program he attended last night to ‘asperger’s syndrome’ announced … Read more

Resident Evil Village İnceleme


Capcom tarafından geliştirilen ve yayınlanan Resident Evil serisinin yeni ve ana oyun olarak sekizinci oyunu olan Resident Evil Village, 7 Mayıs itibariyle çıkışını yaptı. Merakla beklenen yeni Resident Evil oyunu, bugünkü inceleme konuğumuz. Japonya merkezli video oyun geliştirici şirketi Capcom’un şüphesiz en popüler oyun serilerinden olan Resident Evil, yaklaşık 25 yıllık bir geçmişe sahip. Oldukça … Read more

Highlights of the past week in the automobile world


In the automobile world, the past week has been very fast. In this content, we have brought together the most striking, discussed and agenda developments of the past week for you. In the automobile world Last week, there were many new developments both in our country and in the world. In this content, we have … Read more

Apple AirTag Hacked Immediately After Release


A hacker hacked the Apple AirTag, 10 days from its release. While the said hacking reveals an interesting solution to how AirTag can be misused, it does not pose a real risk to users. Apple’s long-awaited object tracking tool AirTagIt was launched just 10 days ago and it seems already hacked by competent hackers. According … Read more

Cyber ​​Attack Against Konya Metropolitan Municipality


A cyber attack was launched against Konya Metropolitan Municipality. In the statements made on the subject, it was stated that the data of around 1 million citizens were exposed due to the attack on March 29. While the judicial process was continuing, the hacker put the data he had acquired for sale. Konya Metropolitan Municipality, … Read more

Countries with the Most Shares in the CS: GO Player Community


The countries with the highest shares and their percentage shares in the CS: GO player community have been announced. The Russians, the most colorful community in CS: GO, also make up the largest community. Counter Strike: Global Offensive or simply CS: GO, undoubtedly the world one of the most popular competitive FPS games in position. … Read more