Prepare for a New Age Revolution in Wireless Charging: Xiaomi Mi Air Charge


China-based technology giant Xiaomi recently announced the wireless charging station Mi Air Charge. This device, which differs from its competitors by transmitting energy in waves, draws attention with its ability to spread the real wireless charging experience into a whole room without the need for any cables. It is unknown whether or when the wireless … Read more

Caviar, next generation keypad phone worth $ 1,000

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Russia-based luxury design company Caviar announced its own smartphone Origin. The phone, with the Android 11 operating system, looks like key phones in terms of design. Of course the company uses the most precious mines in this phone case. Known for its luxury design phones based in Russia, Caviar introduced its own button model Origin. … Read more

Privacy statement after terms updated from WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is trying to solve privacy agreement issues! It had lost millions of users. WhatsApp, with conditions in order to update an informative update published today, WhatsApp messages to Facebook users to access and update operations in Turkey replied to the question of how it affects. Yesterday, we reported that after the new update of … Read more

Samsung introduced Galaxy S21 5G and Galaxy S21 + 5G!

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G ve Galaxy S21 5G 2 scaled 1

Samsung’s new Galaxy S Series makes it super easy to share and stay connected with state-of-the-art camera and video features, bold new design, and fluid connectivity. Samsung Electronics unveiled its latest flagship devices Galaxy S21 5G and Galaxy S21 + 5G that make it easier for smartphone users to express themselves. Developed in line with … Read more

Netflix has released the list of HDR compatible smartphones

Dolby Vision ve HDR 1

While HDR content is increasing day by day in internet broadcasts, Netflix has taken new steps in this regard. The list of smartphones where HDR content can be viewed with the Netflix application has been published. Especially smartphones belonging to brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei with high resolution screens are included in the … Read more

What is 5G? What are the Features of 5G Technology?


The 5th generation mobile telecommunications service is a new generation wireless phone technology. Restructuring the technological infrastructure of cellular networks used by mobile phones with new rules can also be tried. It also provides approximately 10 times the data transfer rate of fourth generation technology. In this context, changes made in the use of radio … Read more

Oppo aims to expand its IoT and 5G portfolio by the end of 2021

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China-based smartphone maker Oppo plans to launch six 5G-powered smartphones this year. Following its success in recent years, Oppo will launch the best performing devices with 5G support in its next generation phones in 2021. The China-based phone manufacturer is expected to announce many new phone features in 2021. Oppo will produce more than six … Read more