Tesla’s cheapest car? Tesla Model Y remarkable price

Tesla, who started the electric car revolution, put up the most affordable Model Y on its website. Tesla, which also started to take orders for its seven-seat version, aims to increase its automobile sales in the first quarter of 2021 with this move.

Tesla Model Y with rear wheel drive on resale

Teslas cheapest car Tesla Model Y remarkable price 2

The American electric car manufacturer Tesla began manufacturing the Model Y, a mid-sized crossover car, and selling it in certain markets. According to a new statement from the brand, this car also received an option of 7 seats, with an inexpensive and affordable starter version.

It is now possible to buy an affordable electric car through Tesla’s website. In 2019, when it was launched on the market, the sales of the Model Y with the standard rear-wheel drive version were canceled by Elon Musk on the grounds that its range was unacceptably inadequate.

A year later, Elon Musk and his company reverted to the original plan and resold the Model Y at a significantly lower price. Tesla Model Y, which is on sale on the website with a price starting from $ 34,190, has the standard range and provides rear-wheel drive. Model Y, which has a long-range dual engine and was offered for sale at a more affordable price than the four-wheel drive model, can be purchased with a 7-seater concept. However, you have to pay an additional $ 3,000 for this upgrade.

The cheapest Tesla Model Y, offered with standard rear-wheel drive range, promises to travel 244 miles. This value corresponds to approximately 392 km.

Tesla Model Y