The first prototype of Half-Life was shared on TikTok

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The first prototype of Half-Life was shared on tiktok. Images of the first prototype of Half-Life, one of the world’s most popular games, were shared on tiktok.

A former Valve employee who took part in the design of the Half-Life game revealed what it looks like in development with the video he shared.

The first prototype of Half Life was shared on TikTok

Half-Life, which is indispensable for internet cafes and was at the top of the list of most preferred games years ago, turned from being a game into a series over time. Half-Life, which was released in 1998, received positive feedback for its graphics, story, style and gameplay. It still has a considerable user base and is frequently mentioned by nostalgia lovers.

Half-Life’s laboratory section, corridors, and every corner resemble a mixture of real life and a utopian world. So how was the game while it was still in development? What were the differences between the current version? An old designer removed the question marks in the minds of users who were wondering about this.

Half-Life Prototype

Valve, which started its activities in 1996, bought a developer named Brett Johnson shortly after its establishment. The young developer, who undertook the design of Half-Life, published the visuals of the first prototypes he was working on at that time on his TikTok account. Johnson’s sharing once again touched Half-Life lovers.


Early HL Prototype 000 ##halflife ##design ##leveldesign

♬ Valve: Alyx – Valve

Brett Johnson; He recorded his experiments on the camera while he was moving in Half-Life, walking around the concrete works and walking around the corridors. In the video he shared, it was understood that the original design lines of the game were the same even during the development phase. Johnson also included a few clips of Planet Xen episodes.

Brett Johnson, who started the video with the opening voice of Half Life, made us understand that the iconic starting style that makes the game love and excited to hear is ready at that stage.


Half-Life Prototype 001 ##halflife ##games ##valve ##leveldesign

♬ Valve: Alyx – Valve

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