The Secret of Gaining Followers on Social Media Quickly Revealed

It’s Easier To Become A Phenomenon On Social Media In A Short Time. Experts Explained How Users Gained Followers on Social Media in a Short Time.

Shortcut to Fame on Social Media Explained: Teasing Politicians Makes You Popular!

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A study conducted by scientists from New York University and Cambridge University revealed that aggressive posts against political identities on social media bring fame to post owners.

As you know, social media has recently ceased to be a channel where we share our daily lives with our followers, and has become the only channel where we can raise our voice against bad events in the country and the world. We can express our reaction to political figures on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and be the voice of those who share the same thoughts with us.

Researchers from Cambridge University and New York University uncovered an interesting fact by examining politically-minded posts shared between 2016 and 2020. According to the research, aggressive posts about politicians on social platforms cause users to become even more popular.

Such posts on Social Media create a toxic ecosystem

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The specialists examined about 2.7 million posts through their boundaries and saw how much commitment the posts included with watchwords like liberal, traditionalist, and such terms. The outcomes uncovered that individuals who respond firmly to lawmakers via online media are bound to become a web sensation.

As indicated by this examination, which shows that counterattacks draw in a great deal of consideration via online media, individuals are 67% liable to repost their posts against political rivals. Steve Rathje, one of the lead creators of the examination, utilized the accompanying proclamations in his explanation that individuals shared an excessive amount of political presents all together on get association; “What urges individuals to do this is ‘more cooperation’ and that makes as harmful a biological system as could really be expected. To be perfectly honest, we realized that forceful posts against lawmakers had an effect, however we didn’t anticipate this much.”

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