The world’s largest iceberg breaks off from Antarctica


European Space Agency and British Antarctic ResearchAccording to Ronne Sea Shelffrom almost to Manhattan 75 kat a mass of ice the size of which broke off. The Breaking Ice has already been recorded as the world’s largest iceberg.

By scientists A-76 called iceberg, Copernicus Sentinel-1 with the latest app images captured by the task detected. Space agency, area 4 thousand 320 km2 He stated that the mass is larger than the popular tourist island of Spain, Mallorca.

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The world’s largest iceberg continues on its way

Of antarctica Ronne Ice Shelfbreaking from A-76‘s size has already been recorded as the largest iceberg available on the planet. Right now Weddel SeaRight after the iceberg continuing its journey in 3 thousand 380 km2 the size of A-23A takes place.

the-world's-largest-iceberg-antarctica-broke away

Among the largest icebergs discovered before this, it was discovered in 2000 and B-15 it was called the iceberg. 11 thousand km2The iceberg, which has a surface area of ​​1100 and the size of Jamaica, could not escape from breaking into small pieces over time.

Antarctic Peninsulalocated on the side of Ronne Ice Shelfis among the largest of these several gigantic floats that connect to the continent’s land mass and extend into the surrounding seas. The periodic division of this landing is part of the natural cycle.

But US National Snow and Ice Data Center ”according to what, Antarctic PeninsulaSome ice sheets have been in a rapid fragmentation process in recent years for reasons scientists believe may be related to climate change.


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