Monday, October 25

This is how easy and simple it is to send a Bitcoin payment in El Salvador. It really feels like magic internet money.

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This is how easy and simple it is to send a Bitcoin payment in El Salvador. It really feels like magic internet money.

This is how easy and simple it is to send a Bitcoin payment in El Salvador. It really feels like magic internet money. from Bitcoin


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  • JewOrleans

    Do apps like Zelle and the like not exist there? I’m behind the ideas cyrpto is bringing but unless two people have two different currencies it doesn’t seem much different when it comes to transactions.

    Edit: is this community so toxic now people can’t even ask questions without being downvoted because it “relates to fiat”?


  • jchang23

    A merchant that accepts credit cards has to wait about 2 days to get their money and most will experience chargebacks because of stolen cards.

    The slowest way to send bitcoin is faster and better than that.

  • koonface2787

    Amazing to see it live. I just hope the people there embrace the technology and see it’s beneficial qualities it has on their lives. As scary as it is to say it, but I think how well it goes there will be the deciding factor for other countries to follow suit. We’ve gotta give them all the support they need to ensure this HAS to work so that everyone else sees what we see!

  • jhustin90

    Wait till you see WeChat and Alipay. This has been standard daily life in China for a couple of years already

  • DrBusinessLLC

    That money she was paid is -8% just today. How is that good for a vendor? CC fees aren’t 8%.

  • iancroasdell

    Empowering the poor people who now have a bank account, banking the unbanked. Amazing long may this continue💜💛💚🧡

  • balukma

    As other users mentioned, this system has it’s drawbacks. But this is the perfect video to send to that friend who doesn’t know anything about crypto and only talks shit about it. Certain apps will make the transfer and trade of crypto a thing that anyone with a minimal smartphone ability will be able to use do. It’s not as complicated as everyone thinks.
    Once the market stabilized, and all the dirt is removed. People will be able to invest passively in crypto, and spend that money with ease. Won’t be that hard.

  • cryptobuy_org

    I’m wondering how that will convince users using $BTC if it moves around 30-60% in few weeks?

  • Betaglutamate2

    Is that using the lightning network?


    How do they handle fees? I mean if a transaction fee runs up to 5 USD or even higher (seen it peak at like 50 USD) how can anyone afford that?

    No Hate, just genuinely curious.

  • Kaffikup

    ITT people forgetting this is for the unbanked, and constantly talking about how their banks or paypal provide these features…..again for the unbanked. As a nigerian I know there are tons of people without even a social security number but have a cellphone.

  • Ornery-Inevitable379

    Awesome we are losing a few battles but we are def winning the war against bitcoin haters❤️🙌🚀

  • idonthaveacoolname13

    Are they using lightning there? I never really understood how lightning works exactly. Is there a good explanatory video out there?

  • Tiddyphuk

    I’m interested in how they are doing the payments so quickly, and how the fees are incorporated. This is so cool to see bitcoin actually being used for it’s intended purpose. I’m all giddy now.

  • Kenyanstoner

    Kenyan here. We’ve had that since 2007 with M-Pesa. It would be great to integrate M-Pesa to Bitcoin though.

  • Main-Mammoth

    Wtf. I thought BTC transactions took ages?

    Sorry I am really out of date, wasn’t that the problem with it and they were working on something called the lightening network or some shit?

    This is faster than tap to pay in my local shop.

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