Thursday, May 26

Tom Lee Believes Bitcoin (BTC) Will Reach $ 100,000 In 2021 Despite The Correction He Lived


tom lee

In an interview with CNBC, Tom Lee believes that Bitcoin (BTC) will see $ 100,000 in 2021, despite the big correction it has gone through.

“Despite the big correction that Bitcoin is going through, I think it could still go above $ 100,000.”

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The leading crypto money dropped to the level of $ 30,000 on May 19. This means a decrease of approximately 54%.

Considering that Bitcoin has never faced a correction of more than 50% in the previous bull cycle, the possibility of Bitcoin going up this much is questionable.

Lee points out that he never owned Bitcoin for more than 24 months in order not to lose money. According to the analyst, although Bitcoin is “extremely volatile,” he thinks Bitcoin holders will get their rewards from these fluctuations.

Lee had set Bitcoin’s target at $ 120,000 prior to the big correction.