Top 5 Earning Investors This Week (May 22)


The week we left behind was definitely not the most active week in cryptocurrency history. Nevertheless, the dynamism that started to be experienced especially from Wednesday gave great opportunities to some investors and great losses to some investors.

In last week’s post, a futures trader’s week-long Earning 22 million, We stated that he ranked first in terms of earnings that week.

The picture that emerged this week, let alone being uncommon, is quite rare. Because This week, a trader nicknamed HabitCandleGiant announced his wallet on Binance Futures. $ 133.6 million raised.

HabitCandleGiant’ın Binance Futures’taki profile

Top winners of the week in terms of odds (ROI)

  • According to Binance Futures data, a trader named ClapSunChristmas; this week Such as 42.537% it caught a huge ‘rate of profit’. In this way, your wallet is $ 151,753 added.

  • Second place on the list % 25,770’lik Rather, he got a name called Ridaz. According to the amount of change in the wallet, Ridaz is 38,894 on a monthly basis; $ 38,895 plus on a weekly basis.

  • SadangXLM, these two names 19,765% is following compared. Trader with no change in balance today, all week $ 22,399 earned income.

  • The WeekAfterTenth, which ranked fourth, gained 17,089%. If the trader’s income At $ 18.108; was higher than the earning rate.

  • Fifth place is a familiar name: Ridazzzz. We don’t know if this is Ridaz’s alternative account. Anyway, with this account 16.329% earning rate and $ 19,583 income was obtained.

Most earned by the week’s income and expense amount

  • HabitCandleGiant, trading on Binance Futures, has made its wallet with transactions this week. $ 133.6 million put it on the plus. Just today $ 21.6 million the winning trader’s wallet is $ 119 million in monthly surplus.

  • BatThursdayBurn, ranked second, earned less than half of the first. The wallet of this name is 20.7% 61 million dollars entered the plus.

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  • This duo With $ 43 million Another trader named AprilBridgeAirport followed. Although the wallet of this name is $ 43 million on a weekly basis; Looking at the month overall, there is a gain of $ 42.9 million.

  • LunchTelevisionCell has grown its portfolio by 37% over the week, $ 33.6 million added.

  • TomatoTrafficBlanket, $ 28.1 million and ranked fifth on the list. The change in his wallet was measured at 74.1%.

More than a billion dollars in liquidation

These traders may have turned the activity in the market into an opportunity and enlarged their wallets. But on the other side; $ 1.3 billion that became liquid in just 24 hours the position is in question.

A much larger number was recorded on May 17, when the bitcoin price started to fall rapidly. According to Bybt data, the value of positions with liquidity in just a few hours that day, 8 billion dollars passing.

Distribution of positions liquidated since April 7, in 12-hour periods